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About The SIS Viking

The SIS Viking is Shelton Intermediate School’s student-based digital newspaper. Readers may contact The SIS Viking by e-mailing faculty advisers Mr. Sean O’Rourke at so’[email protected] or Mrs. Susan Lindsey at [email protected]. The SIS Viking staff is made up of seventh and eighth graders who are in Mr. O’Rourke and Mrs. Lindsey’s Journalism Club.

The SIS Viking welcomes story ideas and suggestions from students, faculty, staff, and parents to help improve our site. We are proud of what we have done so far but know there is room for improvement as we explore the expanding role and presence of digitial media in our local community here in Shelton and beyond at the state, national, and world levels.

We would like to give special thanks to Shelton Intermediate School Headmaster Mr. Kenneth Saranich, Shelton Public Schools superintendent Mr Freeman Burr, SIS Housemasters Mrs. Dina Marks and Mrs. Carolyn Ivanoff, and the faculty at SIS for allowing The SIS Viking a place in our educational community.

The student news site of Shelton Intermediate School
About The SIS Viking