The SIS Viking

The Bag


April 2, 2013

I look out at the street full of cracks and potholes, then inhale the scent of cigarette smoke. A police car speeds by, siren blaring, red and blue lights spinning about. This is the daily life here in my grandma’s crime infested...

“Max and Annie”

February 15, 2013

“Drama Queens Meet”

Karisma H. and Carly B.

February 6, 2013

It was their first year of middle school, when Lizzie, Kristina, Nicki, Crystal, Evangelene, and Britney all met. Sun engulfed the newly built school through its walls of glass windows. The day was new and well rested for some...

I Have a Dream Speech

Erin F.

January 31, 2013

I have a dream that it will not matter where love is directed, or who loves who. I have a dream that all love will be accepted into society. I have a dream that we will not have to battle every minute of every day for something...

“If Only”

January 13, 2013

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