Mrs. Elisabeth Blum:

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Mrs. Elisabeth Blum teaches math in Team 8-5.  She also serves as the Math Curriculum leader.

Mrs. Blum believes everything happens for a reason.  This belief (explain how you came to believe this, experiences, how it helps you in the classroom/life)

When she’s not in her classroom, Mrs. Blum enjoys running.  She has completed in (share some races, types).  She shares her love of running with her son, who has also completed in (races)  Her daughter (name, age, interests)

The Blums share their home with a dog (name, breed, personality)

Mrs. Blum enjoys traveling to warm, sunny places.  A recent trip to the Dominican Republic ( any trip details you would like to share)

Her favorite movie Footloose stars Kevin Bacon as Ren McCormick moves to a Midwestern town where dancing has been banned.  Ren loves to dance and must find a way to change the town where he lives.  Mrs. Blum explains why she enjoys this movie. (quote)

Mrs. Blum adores crème brûlée, a custard dessert with caramel.  (explain why it’s your favorite)  She also enjoys a cup of tea from Dunkin’ Donuts.

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