Mrs. Jennifer Wolyniec: this mom of three loves the color yellow and soccer

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Department chair, Mrs. Jennifer Wolyniec also teaches Special Education in Team 8-5.  Although this is her first year teaching at SIS, Mrs. Wolyniec has taught (can you comment on your teaching experience).

Outside of her classroom, this mom of three young boys loves to play soccer (can you please provide some additional information)

Mrs. Wolyniec loves to travel, especially outside of the US.  (describe your trip to Italy — who you went with, when, what you saw, Providences you visited)

As a Taurus, Mrs. Wolyniec doesn’t let minor setbacks get in her way.  She just keeps a positive attitude and moves forward.  One of her favorite expressions is, “Tough bananas!”  Other favorites include the color yellow, Dunkin’ Donuts iced tea, and chips and dip.  In fact the only thing Mrs. Wolyniec isn’t fond of is the “r” word.


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