Mrs. Michelle Bonitatibus:

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Mrs. Michelle Bonitatibus teaches social studies in Team 7-3.  Her favorite quote, “No act of kindness however small is wasted,” comes from the writer Aesop.  Mrs. Bon first heard this quote (explain, also why it sticks with you)

When she’s not in her classroom, Mrs. Bon enjoys spending time with her family and friends (things you like to do).  When she relaxes, she loves to play video games (games you like, system you play).  As a Yankee’s fan, Mrs. Bon also enjoys watching baseball.  (information about favorite rivals, players).

She also enjoys the movie When Harry Met Sally starring Billie Crystal and Meg Ryan.  The movie tells the story of Harry and Sally who meet in college and don’t like each other.  Over the next several years, they continue to meet and begin to develop romantic feelings for one another.  Eventually, they meet at the right time, fall in love, and get married.  When asked why she lists this movie as her favorite, Mrs. Bon explained, “quote.”

Other favorites include ice cream, the color blue, and basket ball.

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