Mrs. Pat McQueeney: ice cream, water, friends, and family keep this language arts teacher smiling

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     Team 7-3’s language arts teacher, Mrs. Pat McQueeney, loves to read.  She’s always discovering new books to recommend to her students.  That said, her favorite book is a classic mystery novel by Agatha Christie, And Then There Were None.  Set in the 1930’s on a fictitious Indian island, a killer has invited a group of people together and is punishing them for things they’ve done in their pasts.  The children’s poem “Ten Little Indians” serves as inspiration for the murders.  Mrs. McQueeney explains why she enjoys this book, ” Mysteries are one of my favorite genres. Most I can figure out, but this book had me completely baffled. I just feel it is one of the best written books I have ever read. I love to get other people’s reactions to the book when they get to the end. It is a great conversation piece. “
     After teaching for many years, Mrs. McQueeney considers it a privilege to be a part of the teaching profession. She loves seeing a look of understanding or excitement on students’ faces. She feels that she is very lucky to have a job that she finds so rewarding. She has stated that it is a great feeling to come to work each day, loving what you do and the people with whom you work!
This Pisces has a love of the water. It doesn’t matter if it is a pool, lake, ocean, or river. Show her a body of water, and she can’t wait to dive into it. Her favorite place to swim and enjoy water sports is in the Bahamas. Who could resist that blue, sparkling, warm water?  She also loves being in her pool at home. There is no doubt that she is a true “fish” at heart!
     When she’s not teaching, Mrs. McQueeney enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She, her husband, and son love to travel, spend time outdoors, and entertain family and friends. Even though most of her family lives out of state, she sees them frequently. She also is fortunate to have many friends who are like family. Nothing is more fun than a day in Rhode Island, spending the morning and afternoon on the beach and in the ocean and later going into Wat6ch Hill to shop and have dinner! Those are the days that keep her going during the cold, blustery winter months.
     Taking inspiration from her favorite quote, “We can’t go back; we can only go forward,”  Mrs. McQueeney looks forward to starting each new day with a renewed attitude and a smile, taking the mistakes that were made and learning from them. As she states, each day is a gift, and it is personally up to us to make it the best it can be! Therefore, if the sun is shining, you have a job you love, family and friends who are, in your opinion, the best, and a bowl of ice cream in front of you, what more can you ask for? Life is Good!
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