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President Trump Fires James Comey

Alex Ozonoff, Political Writer

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New accusations against President Donald Trump have arose following the dismissal of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) director James Comey. Since September of 2013, Comey filled one of the most important investigative roles in the government. A controversial, former Republican (now independent party), Comey is believed to be responsible for swaying the presidential election by continuing the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Clinton stated she believed that Comey was responsible for her loss to Donald Trump for president. However, James Comey was out of the job less than a year after Trump assumed the role as President of the United States.

Comey’s dismissal followed the continuation of the investigation on President Trump’s ties to Russia, and Russia’s effect on the election. Democrats believe the reason President Trump dismissed the FBI director was due to the fact that he continued the controversial investigation that could put Trump’s reputation in danger. The firing of James Comey could lead to accusations of obstruction of justice. Both Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton were accused of obstruction of justice, which is the “act of lying to investigating officers or getting in the way of an investigation”. If Trump fired Comey for continuing the investigation into President Trump’s ties to Russia, Democrats would have a reason to look to impeach him.

In Trump’s letter to James Comey, he mentions that he followed the recommendations of his Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General, who both encouraged the dismissal of James Comey.

To this date, there are more than four candidates for the new FBI director.

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President Trump Fires James Comey