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Cotillion: Date or No Date?

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Paulus Nugroho R - Fotolia

Isaiah M., Viking Staff Editor

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This Spring, on Friday, June 5th, SIS’s annual 8th grade Cotillion will be taking place.

But, the big questions on people’s minds are:

“Who will ask me?” or “Who will I ask?”

Prior to weeks before the Cotillion, students tend to ask classmates to accompany them to the Cotillion. However, with asking comes everything; anxiety, nervousness, excitement and fear.

I asked some of my eighth grade mates what they intended to do regarding the Cotillion.

Taylor D. had explained, ¨ I would like a date but I probably won’t get asked.¨

Alyssa B. simply answered, ¨Yes.¨

Damaris C. says, ¨If I get asked then yes.¨

Jessica M. said, ¨Yes, I would want to go with a date but only as friends.¨

Caitlyn K. explains her opinion by saying, “I think (Cotillion) is overrated.”

These are only some of the girls’ opinions from Team Kindness. Then I asked a few of the guys.

Nick G. says, ¨I don’t know. I haven’t really thought about it yet.¨

Colin B. teased by saying, ¨No, I don’t really have anyone in mind. But, you never know. At the right place. At the right time.¨

Martin K. responded with, ¨ I don’t know. Maybe. Yes.”

As you can probably tell, there is some Gender Bias going on here. If the 8th grade guys don’t “man up” and ask a someone, I think there will be a lot of disappointment. However, you do have to take into consideration that some of the guys may be experiencing anxiety and fear.

So now it’s your turn. Date or No Date?

(Vote in the poll!)



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Cotillion: Date or No Date?