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Charting the Stars: May Brings Positivity!

Taurus, the Bull!

Taurus, the Bull!

Taurus, the Bull!

Noah V., Astrology Writer

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May is the month of the Taurus, the bull! Tauruses are generous, patient, dependable, and an Earth sign. Their negative effects are lazy, stubborn, and frugal. May ends with Gemini, the Twins! They are adjustable, soft-spoken, versatile, and an Air sign. On the other hand, they are anxious and superficial.

Every Trigon has an opposite Trigon, just like every sign has an opposite sign. Each opposite sign is exactly five signs away from the other. This would be about half a year. The opposite signs are as followed:

  • Aries, who like to keep their ideas to themselves, rival with Libra, who like to share their ideas
  • Taurus believe that physical stability is the key, while Scorpios think emotional stability is
  • A Gemini’s life revolves around the search for knowledge, while a Sagittarius’ revolves around the search for wisdom.
  • Cancers believe that emotions are the structures, while Capricorns believe it is the world
  • Leos believe in personal values, while Aquarius believe in collective social values
  • Virgos promote physical self-sacrifice, while Pisces promotes emotional self-sacrifice.

Trigons, that I mentioned above, also rival with each other. The Air Trigon, who believe in emotional connection and intuition, rivals with the Fire Signs, who believe in working with the physical world and practical affairs. The Earth Trigon, who enjoy thinking exchanging ideas with others, rival with the Water Trigon, who always act first and think later.

In May 2015, the only Trigon without any benefits from their “celestial leader,” is the Earth Trigon. The Water Trigon, being their rival, will gain extra support from their leader, Venus. Water signs will also find a use for unused talents. The Fire Trigon will receive support from Jupiter, one of the most powerful planets to get support from. Finally, the Air Trigon will receive support from Mercury, the small and strong planet.

Stay tuned for the final month of the school year, June! Are you feeling energetic for the end of the yea?

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Charting the Stars: May Brings Positivity!