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SIS Speaks Out: President Trump’s Hundred Days

Alex O., Viking Political Editor

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President Donald Trump’s first weeks in office have satisfied some, but angered many, as well. From the travel ban “that wasn’t a ban”, to the start of construction of the Mexico-US border, Trump has proven that he will do whatever he can to keep the promises he proposed in his campaign.

Students from Shelton Intermediate School (SIS) have many different opinions about the 45th president. Of the 20 interviewed, here are some of the most significant comments:

  • Courtney B. and Seyannah Q.
    • “I think he is a liar.”- Courtney B.
    • “He will Make America Great Again!” -Seyannah Q.
    • “He won’t do anything he promised…” -Courtney B.
  • Will R.
    • “He will be a great president.”
    • “Make America Great Again!”
    • “ISIS won’t be much of a problem anymore…”
  • Liam D. and Nick J.
    • “Wall! Wall! Wall!” Liam D.
    • “Immigration will no longer be a problem.” Nick J.
  • Margo S.
    • “He’s an amazing businessman, and I think his skills will transform our economy for the better.”
    • “Stop illegal immigration.”
  • Jai G.
    • “He’s a liar, a racist, any insult you can think of, that’s what he is.”
    • “Evil…that’s all he is… just evil!”
    • I’m worried about our country.”

Overall, the opinions of SIS students are widely spread. However, with Trump’s first tumultuous month in the White House sparking questions about whether he can handle his executive power, things have started to go downhill for the new President.

Nonetheless, Trump still has a while until the end of his Hundred Days. Hopefully, he can recover before this deadline.

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SIS Speaks Out: President Trump’s Hundred Days