Things we Love About SIS

Things we love about SIS by Slidely Slideshow

Caitlyn K., Editor/Writer

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As the school year comes to a close, activities start slowing down, lockers are cleaned out, and students in seventh and eighth grade reflect on their time at SIS. Here at school, we make memories, learn, and have fun in an environment that we’ve come to know.

Seventh graders can reflect on the friends they’ve made and what it was like adjusting to yet another school in our system. Eighth graders can remember and cherish the times they’ve had here, whether they were on WSIS, in a club they liked, or in a cluster they love.

Seventh grader Kayla J., a native to cluster 7-1 explains what she loves about the school. “I really like how we have the TVs in our rooms.” She explains. “The teachers are awesome and they really start to help as this year. I’ve adjusted pretty well here.”



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