Headmaster’s Corner: New Year means being helpful to all!

Mr. Saranich's Headmaster's Corner

Mr. Saranich's Headmaster's Corner

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Hello SIS –

Happy New Year!  I hope that you all had a wonderful and restful Holiday Season spending valuable time with the people closest to you. This vacation was exactly what I needed.  Tara, the kids and I spent almost every minute together, and I really enjoyed every second.

The start of a new calendar year reminds me of the start of the new academic year back in September, and I reflect upon where we have come from then until now.  At the beginning of the school year I asked all of you to be mindful of the 100/0 Principle.  As you make your New Year resolutions, think about what you can do for others without expectation of a return.

As a New Year’s resolution for myself, I want to be more present and attentive to others.  I think about our new team names and it excites me to see the values that we believe and what to instill in our school community.  The current values of Kindness, Perseverance, Integrity, Tenacity and Acceptance are the areas that I hope to improve upon myself in 2015.

I look forward to the other team names yet to come and hope that you embrace our core values in the New Year.  Please join me as we continue to provide a rigorous, safe, and fun learning environment for all in 2015.

I’d also like to welcome Team Acceptance!  Thank you, Team Acceptance (formerly Team 8-5) for “Building Character Leading to Success.”  Be certain to keep checking out the next team to see if you can guess their new name.

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