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Earth Day 2015

Noah V., Viking Senior Reporter

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Earth Day was Wednesday, April 22nd! Celebrate the Earth by recycling, planting new trees, and going green!

Earth day was created 45 years ago on April 22nd, 1970. It was made by Senator Gaylord Nelson. It marks the most environmental movement in the history of Democracy. Originally, Earth Day was aimed to create a mass environmental movement. It raised awareness in water and air pollution.

Earth Day was meant to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It is celebrated globally and in more than 192 countries. Not only is it Earth day, but Earth Week! The whole week is set aside to help protect the world. Earth Day was the start of global activism.

Help the Earth by recycling plastic, glass, and metals whenever possible. You can also ride your bike short distances instead of taking the car. Earth Day wasn’t made to just help the Earth. Put down the electronics, and appreciate the world around you!


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Earth Day 2015