Nintendo Switch *clicks* Into Shelves Today!

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Nintendo Switch *clicks* Into Shelves Today!

Ryan W., Viking Reporter

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*click* Is the most satisfying sound for lots of people today, as they get their hands on the new video game console, the Nintendo Switch. Since the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Nintendo has continued to make consoles like these from the list below:

-Nintendo Entertainment System                                                                             

-Super Nintendo Entertainment System

-Nintendo 64

-Nintendo Gamecube

-Nintendo Wii

-Nintendo Wii U

-Nintendo Switch                                                                                                                   

Although it is mainly a console, the Nintendo Switch is actually a hybrid, meaning it is both a console and a handheld! This means that the Nintendo Switch can go into multiple modes, making it possible to carry it around wherever you go, or stay and relax at home and play on the big screen. The Joy-Con, which attaches to the controller/screen, also has motion-control like a Wii remote and can attach to the controller for different play styles or multiplayer, which brings us to the games.

Unlike your average console, the Switch doesn’t use discs that you put in the console. Instead, it’s a little cartridge! Fun Fact: The cartridges were made to purposely taste terrible. This is because young children could choke on them. When the child (or pet) puts the game in their mouth, they will spit it out because of the bitter taste, which comes from a non-toxic coating. There are also a bunch of games announced to release for the Switch, and some are already out! One game currently out is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which is now one of the highest rated games of all time! Games that will be coming out include Super Mario Oddesy, Splatoon 2, and more games like Minecraft, and newcomers like Arms.

The Switch could just be the next big thing, and bring in a whole new generation of gamers. Until next time, keep gaming SIS!

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