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Roblox Egg Hunt 2017: The Lost Eggs

Ryan W., Viking Reporter

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It’s that time of year again, where trees start growing leaves and flowers start blooming, as well as what may be my favorite holiday, Easter! With that comes the annual Roblox Egg Hunt event! Roblox is a free online game where players can create and play on games. This year, there are 43 “eggs” that can be found during the event, and be worn on player’s avatars as hats.

Like last year’s egg hunt, some eggs are rarer than others. The goal of this hunt is to get 40 eggs, which unlocks you the Faberge, the final egg. There are also 2 bonus eggs, that are difficult to earn. The first egg, The EBR (Elite Builders of Robloxia) Egg, is an egg that is made to thank the developers of the egg hunt for creating it, and requires a quest that requires you to go back and forth between parts of the hunt. The rarest egg in the egg hunt, the Roblox Egg, requires a Roblox Employee to come on your server and spawn the egg.

There is also a special hat, the 2017 Bunny Ears, that is on sale for only 25 Robux, the in-game currency, and can only be bought from the Google Play version of the app. These ears give you a speed and jump boost during the hunt, which could really help when trying to snag that rare egg.

In this hunt, there is a portal that can bring you to different worlds, where eggs are hidden. Examples include a desert, the sea floor, a snowy landscape, Pompeii with a volcano to boot, a snowball fight battlefield, a sky island, and even the future! The snowball fight world has only one egg to collect there, but the rest have around seven!

This Egg Hunt is definitely one of the best I’ve ever played, and I plan to collect every egg, like I have in 2015 and 2016. In fact, as soon as I am done typing this article I’m going to hop on a server and wait for that Roblox Egg! Keep hunting and have a Happy Easter SIS!

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Roblox Egg Hunt 2017: The Lost Eggs