Change for Change: SIS Students collect money for the Sudan

Harrison G., Staff Reporter

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The School of Innovation students, made up of Team Kindness and Team Ingenuity, are having an ongoing fundraiser for a community well to produce clean drinking water in the African nation of South Sudan.  Everyday many people in South Sudan walk tiring hours just to get water that is unhealthy and  dirty.

This new well would provide cleaner water and make it easier to get water to 300 people of all ages. It is expected that the well will last over 30 years. The amount of money needed to build this well is $15,000.

This sounds like a difficult task, but with effort, persistence, and perseverance we can raise enough money. And here at Shelton Intermediate School you can help!

How? Well, you can help by donating money to building the well with some extra spare change! There are Change for Change jars located in the lunch room, and you can donate to them during your lunch wave. There is also a jar  in Mrs. Zhitomi´s Room 231 in Team Ingenuity.

There will be a walk-a-thon in May and proceeds from snacks sold at after school events will be donated.

How It all started

Mrs. Zhitomi, an LA teacher, personally saw the muddy drinking water that students consumed in Tanzania, Africa while on a family vacation two summers ago. This motivated Mrs. Zhitomi to help and she did by starting the fundraiser.

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