Team Unity looks to defend Dean’s Cup title

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Team Unity looks to defend Dean’s Cup title

Ian Maggi and Sean Nunes-Enxuto

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Team Unity will attempt to be the last team standing once again when it defends its Dean’s Cup Trophy on Thursday, June 21st.

“It’s going to have to be a very big day,” said Team Unity Social Studies teacher Mrs. Pinto. “We have to live up to our name!”

Are you ready for the DEAN’S CUP COMPETITION! It will be the whole entire school with different teams competing against each other for the Dean´s Cup at the end, but in order for that you have to have the most points at the end of the competition in order to win the Dean’s Cup.

Also, there will be all different challenges thrown at you so don’t think for a moment you are going to ask your friend how they did at the competition. All of the competitions are different! These competitions will challenge you physically and mentally so make sure you sleep well and eat a good breakfast because that keeps you awake and thinking.

Again, it will the whole school so don’t weasel out of it because this thing is fun. It will be held on June 21st, 2018. Lastly, we do this because we want a fun competition, education booster, and it increases your vocabulary and math skills!

Here is how the team standings shape up right now:

1.) Team Fortitude- 935 points
2.) Team Perseverance- 851 points
3.) Team Acceptance- 731 points
4.) Team Determination- 585 points
5.) Team Integrity- 446 points
6.) Team Unity- 444 points
7.) Team Kindness- 438 points
8.) Team Ingenuity- 332 points
9.) Team Tenacity- 278 points
10.) Team Inspiration- 226 points

So please be at school and participate in the DEAN CUP COMPETITION! Thank You!

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